Niklas Turesson

Account manager

"Delivered product in less than 24 hours!"

– We know the importance of keeping the production going!

Says Nicklas Turesson, one of the account managers at IS Plåt. After his studies in industrial economics Nicklas found his way to IS Plåt – who at the time where looking for a new account manager. A perfect match! Now Nicklas manage clients within the packaging industry.

From order to finished and delivered product in less than 24 hours!

Nicklas daily challenge is to deliver spare parts. From the time the order is received, IS Plåt has 24 hours to plan production, manufacture and deliver. It’s a tough challenge that Nicklas enjoys. – The possibility to even do this, only exists because we are a complete manufacturer. Without us production stoppages on machines that are already on the market can quickly become costly for the customer. And could also mean a large loss of raw materials.


These are machines that produce necessary packaging that people expect in their everyday lives. In order to successfully deliver spare parts within such a narrow time frame requires meticulous and careful planning. What’s even more important for making it possible is that everyone is truly committed – and we are! Says Nicklas with a smile.

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