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Quality, precision and high surface finish are key words at IS Plåt. Here, we undertake all types of qualified details in lathing, milling, polishing, and keyways manufacturing.
A deliberate strategy is to use the industry’s most modern equipments. Using advanced processing machines from leading suppliers such as Okuma and DMG Mori, our production is well adapted to details with high technical requirements in combination with tough materials. Our machinery consists of three 5-axis CNC cutter, four 3-axis CNC cutters and eight CNC lathes. IS Plåt also has decades of experience in machining in stainless and duplex steel, but also use other materials such as aluminium and plastic. Our high standards permeate the entire production chain, and we offer a high level of quality as well as traceability throughout the chain, e.g. by engraving and all the material certificates you can wish for, for example, material certificate 3.1 and food-grade classification.

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CAM system

IS Plåt uses GibbsCam as CAM software and all details are prepared using STEP files. This provides full opportunity for simultaneous 5-axle driving, machine simulation and dynamic milling.

Measuring & laser engraving

With a measuring machine from DEA Global, our inspector can guarantee measurements down to 0.001 level, with associated measurement protocols. IS Plåt’s two fibre lasers enable laser marking of most materials in varying sizes. Quickly and easily, details can also be provided with serial numbers, drawing numbers or logotypes to obtain full traceability.


Laser cutting

Trumpf TruLaser 5040

We can offer laser cutting, a cost-effective method capable of cutting in:

Stainless steel – Up to 25 mm
Aluminium – Up to 12 mm
Black steel – Up to 25 mm

Amada Ensis 3015 RI Fiberlaser

IS Plåt´s new laser is able to process round, square, rectangle, C-channel, and angle iron, making it the most versatile Rotary Index laser cutting system available. The ENSIS Series achieves high-speed cutting in thin material, a key capability of fiber technology. It also got the ability to process thick plate efficiently.
Our laser can also cut materials such as duplex, brass and titanium. Laser cutting enables the manufacturing of complex geometries and shapes with high precision and quality.


Vi har järnkoll på svetsning

One of IS Plåt’s main areas is welding. We employ 20 welders, where the majority have completed the qualification test of welders according to SS-EN 287-1:2011 and many of the company’s WPQR:s, thus making us a flexible, efficient manufacturer with first-class welders. IS Plåt has a unique combination of welding and machining in one place, putting us in control over the entire quality chain. We have the ability to perform assignments with narrow tolerances. We are experts in manufacturing of stainless-steel parts, everything from root gas welding of pipe structures to larger structures in the form of stands up to 15 meters. IS Plåt also performs grinding and polishing in-house, which means that we have knowledge and experience as well as equipment for complicated grinding work and polishing.


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S Plåt is equipped with the next generation of bending machines which provides precise bending. It also has automatic tool change which gives us extremely short set-up time, contributing to an efficient workflow. Off-line programming opens up new possibilities, where 3D simulation of bending sequence and tool setting contributes to increased productivity. IS Plåt’s machinery is adapted for both prototype production and series production in larger series.

Flexible mobile robot
The robot is working without a static fences which means that we are able to avoid a large robot cell blocking the other machines. We are able to work with the press brake with or without the robot. This gives us a strength to adapt the manufacturing process after the volume and the details. This combination makes IS Plåt competitive in both large as small volume-series.

By strategic choice, all our bending machines are from Amada, which means that we have the same control system and service agreement for all machines. Using our HG 2204 from Amada, we can edge lengths of 4,000 mm with a pressing force of 220 tons and sheet metal followers. This strategy has opened up entirely new possibilities for us in the form of sheet metal processing. The machinery also includes a smaller edge press from Amada: HFE50-12T. This machinery offers excellent flexibility and speed when re-rigging.

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Bending machines

Amada HG 1003 ATC

100 ton
Bending lenght: 3m
Automatic tool change
Hydraulic bombering precision 0,001mm

Amada HG 2204

220 ton
Bending length: 4m
Hydraulic bombering precision 0,001mm

Amada HFE50-12T

50 ton
Bending lenght: 1,2m

Other information


Our own assembly department can assemble your product and send it directly to the customer. Everything from small parts to big machinery.


Due to our extensive sheet metal warehouse, where we stock stainless steel, duplex steel, and aluminium, we are able to offer our customers short delivery times.

Rolling & Press Element

IS Plåt is rolling flanges of angle iron and rings of profile pipe/flat iron completely in accordance with the customer.

With a press from Haeger with automatic tools, IS Plåt can now set 1,500 fasteners per hour. With such a quality machine and its high pressing force, setting press elements in stainless steel or aluminium.


IS Plåt always guarantees that your stainless steel material is not contaminated. With our own pickling facility on-site, nothing’s left to chance. The detail is passivated after pickling, and the corrosion resistance of the stainless material is restored after welding. With a larger pickling bath, as well as room for spray pickling of larger products, we can take on any stainless steel design.
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