Erik Ralvert


"Clean water, a prerequisite for the next generation"

– Clean water, a prerequisite for the next generation!

That’s what Erik Ralvert, CEO of IS Plåt, says. It is a positive Erik who greats me. He tells about the company, and its 30-year history, but above all their visions for the future. What perhaps not everyone knows is that the company’s production in stainless steel consists of 85% recycled material. “Environmental thinking is an important factor with us at IS Plåt and in order to have full control of the entire chain, we have chosen to only buy raw materials from Europe.” says Erik with pride in his voice. At IS Plåt, nothing is left to chance. Here, the entire production chain is controlled, from raw material to finished product, with meticulous control.


Water purification – a cornerstone in the world and also on IS Plåt!

One of the company’s largest customers manufactures water purification filters, and this is exactly what is close to Erik’s heart. Clean water is a scarce commodity in many countries and will continue to be so if we don’t come together and help develop a sustainable solution.


Clean, fresh water is more than what comes out of our taps. It is used for irrigation of our fields, it is required for hospitals to be able to provide good care to patients, and is simply a prerequisite for the next generation to come. At IS Plåt, we are proud to be a part of something bigger.