Simon Ceasar

Account manager

"With the help of vibrations and airflow, extremely sensitive products can be frozen."

– Reduce food waste worldwide with fresh frozen food!

That’s one goal of Simon Ceasar, account manager at IS Plåt. You could almost say that Simon was born into the business. – I helped out in my parent’s company from an early age, where I mainly programmed laser cutting and edge bending.


16 meter long freezer!

One of IS Plåt’s clients in the food sector sells freezers for deep-freezing berries, fruit and meat. These machines are huge, they can go up to 16 meters at length!

– With the help of vibrations and airflow, you can freeze extremely sensitive products.

IS Plåt is proud to be able to offer the entire chain production under one roof. This allows us to ensure the high finish required in the food industry.