Simon Ceasar

Account manager

"We never compromise on quality"

– We never compromise on quality. You should be safe when flying!

This is how it sounds when we meet Simon, Ceasar, one of IS Plåt’s account managers. You could almost say that Simon was born into the industry. From his parents’ company where he used to help out as a young man and now further on as a machine salesman on the Japanese Amada. Amada is a large part of IS Plåt’s solid and modern machine park and Simon knows’ them inside and out. Simons big interest in technology fits IS Plåt perfectly and makes him the right man at the right place.


Defrosting aircrafts

A very important part of ensuring flight safety is the defrosting of the aircraft. To do this a so-called deicer is used, a larger vehicle with state-of-the-art technology, which enables de-icing of the largest aircraft with only one operator.

– At IS Plåt, huge liquid tanks are manufactured in stainless steel. The details are complex, and the tolerances are critical to make this vehicle work. This demands places high demands on the operators, fortunately they are really passionate about the task!