Erik Ralvert


"Water quality is the key to sustainable fish farming"

– Water quality is the key to sustainable fish farming!

That’s what Erik Ralvert, CEO of IS Plåt, says. Erik has a degree in product development. During his studies he worked on a thesis within the water purification industry. It became clear to him what he was passionate about and what he wanted for his future: invest in the family business and make developments for the future.



Cultivation of salmon contributes to lower CO2 emissions compared to beef production.

One of IS Plåt’s manufacturing legs is water purification. One of the company’s clients makes water filters to purify and recycle water for the fish farming industry. With the help of a new technology where water is filtered to be recycled and reused, fish can now also be grown on land with a much smaller water consumption.


– As more and more fish farms use salt water, it places high demands on materials and quality to be able to resist corrosion. Demands that we can deliver at IS Plåt. Stainless steel has been our passion for over 30 years! It is through our staff that we stand out. They have a huge drive to constantly develop and give our customers the highest possible quality!